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An Introduction to Ecoflex Technology

Ecoflex is a technology that converts waste tyres into building products that are highly cost effective, technically effective and ecologically effective. Ecoflex Australia is committed to the development of engineered products using recycled truck and car tyres as a means of achieving low-cost, sustainable solutions for civil construction and building development.

Ecoflex is a range of building products that capitalise on the structural strength of reprocessed tyres to deliver a building block or containment device with unique engineering properties. The combination of high structural values present in used tyres and low-cost of Ecoflex products made possible by recycling these tyres yields a highly productive source of innovation for the construction industry.

Ecoflex Engineering Systems have proven effective for a wide range of civil and commercial construction purposes from retaining walls to paving systems to concrete slabs and a host of related applications (see Ecoflex Products and Applications). This unique range of engineering solutions provides the construction industry with:

Significantly reduced cost 15 - 25 per cent lower construction cost.
High performance building solutions - proven with over 500 building projects.

That makes a real contribution to sustainable development and improved environmental management.

E Pave pylon driver platforms for bridge construction - Kempsey By-pass, Kempsey NSW
E Wall (shadecloth facing), Newcastle NSW